Project Financing Coming Soon.

Recently we've been getting a lot of request about financing which we didn't offer but for a company to be successful is being able to listen and offer the clients what they demand. With that in mind One Stop Construction Solutions is currently working with a number of finance companies to offer the best rates and terms to match the customer needs. We are always working on ways to assist our clients and increase their satisfaction with our service. One Stop Construction Solutions will announce when financing will be available and will update it on all of our social media pages and website.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to follow us on Facebook and leave a comment or send me an email at

Construction Management is the Most Important.

Construction management is a professional service that uses specialized techniques proven to make any project efficient and cost effective. It encompasses all aspects of the project from planning, design and the construction of the project itself. Most Contractors keep this part of the process behind closed doors and it eludes the client/customer every time but it is the most valuable tool for the Contractor and if used correctly can save you the client time and money. This service starts from the estimating of the project. Dealing and working with architects,engineers, government official for permits and occupancy certificates to all the other red tape and tedious paperwork is only the planning stage and can make or break any bid opportunity/project. This is why building relationships with these individuals in the department and field is not only necessary but also beneficial you your business but it also saves the client time and money. Construction Management if done the right way is the best tool and will always be where One Stop Construction Solutions spends most of its time on any project. 

How to Hire a Contractor

Are you looking for a contractor? 

Contractors understand that sometimes people aren't sure what to look for in a general contractor. They go above and beyond to make your construction process as hassle free as possible. Whether its building permits, drawings, inspections, architects, engineers etc. They have the resources and experience to assist you in making the best decision. A good contractor will always keep you in the loop with constant updates and follow up with any concerns or questions you may have. If your looking for a great General Contractor, then there is only One Stop for you.